Nov 03


? Set yourself apart from traditional IRA and 401k providers with the ability to offer all IRS approved investment alternatives and become the expert and the primary information source for your Client’s IRAs and 401ks. ? You can sell LIFE INSURANCE TO SELF-DIRECTED 401K PLANS, GIVE YOUR CLIENTS TAX FREE DEATH BENEFITS AND EARN UNIVERSAL LIFE COMISSIONS! ? You can review clients / prospects existing retirement plans in light of all Self-directed investment solutions available; giving you an excellent opportunity to see if your client are unhappy with their present retirement plan’s performance, risk and the reasons why. ? You as the specialist can map out a plan to correct your client’s problems with self-directed IRAs and 401Ks giving you the opportunity to not only help your client, but make you thousands in new commissions. ? You can show clients how they can borrow up to 000 for ANY purpose from their Self-directed 401ks. ? Self-directed plans provide Asset/creditor protection to your client. ? Client litigation threats which accompany investments such as real estate are substantially reduced ? You can help your clients purchase a business with their Self-directed plans. ? Custodian fees for the self directed retirement plans are inexpensive, a flat fee typically costing 0 to 5 per year, because your client controls and handles all Self-directed IRA and 401K IRA transactions. ? You can market to small business owners by helping them Recapitalize and
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