Jan 18


www.ENBusinessPlan.com This is a report by 60 Minutes, outlining some of the faults within the design of the 401K retirement savings plan. 401(k)s were first widely adopted as retirement plans for American workers, beginning in the 1980s. The 401(k) emerged as an alternative to the traditional retirement pension, which was paid by employers. Employer contributions with the 401(k) can vary, but in general the 401(k) had the effect of shifting the burden for retirement savings to workers themselves. In 2011, about 60% of American households nearing retirement age have 401(k)-type accounts. Today, It is important to evaluate alternative income generating streams, to protect your goal of retirement at an absolute minimum. Information Technology is vast becoming the number one choice for young, talented entrepreneurs. Have a peak at what two guys were able to accomplish with a laptop and some ingenuity; http To Your Success!
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