Apr 16


“Halo 401K” – In this parody animation of the hugely successful multiplayer game, Master Chief awakens from his four-year slumber. With Cortana’s help, our h…
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23 Responses to “HALO 401K”

  1. La Tour Céleste says:

    Dual-wield Spartan laser? YES?

  2. baxtermckickass1 says:

    don’t you wish you? could do this at your job…

  3. The1977damo says:

    sounds? gay

  4. IamCornholio32 says:

    Way to? regulate.

  5. LAHrebirth says:

    easier to blame the crisis on america

    p.s halo sux, its C.O.D mixed with? ‘unrealtournament..big whoop

  6. GamerStudioCast says:


  7. MuF123 says:

    That girl is kinda cute? 😛

  8. hermunkulus says:


  9. alderete384 says:

    Pura mierd…?

  10. jollyjollyO says:

    This is funny?

  11. pontiosteo800 says:

    It doesn’t bring the money back but it help.
    Hilarious line great? job folks

  12. Aaron Fraser-Nash says:

    Call of? duty animations!!! Cum check it!!! Uhh

  13. zerosix1786 says:

    i miss using that laser?

  14. RichARich says:

    You said, Dual? Wield. Hee hee.

  15. Joe Lague says:

    But wouldn’t dual wielding Spartan laser? or Sword be amazing??

  16. bproducer says:

    YOU CAN”T DUAL WIELD IN HALO 4. So this video got it wrong. ?

  17. That1powergamer says:

    ya nice? cortanas

  18. jaylin williamson says:


  19. jaylin williamson says:

    Cortanas? cute

  20. DubSpaceInvader says:


  21. 835darlyn says:

    Awsm? Lol

  22. That1powergamer says:


  23. Schuyler Wu says:

    “all I wanted was a cottage? with a lake view” LOL

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