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401k Retirement Plan – What You Know About It?

With turbulent economy and plummeting stocks, everyone has become concerned about their after retirement life. Future seems gloomed and there is not a single option left other than a retirement plan. There are galore of such retirement plans available but amongst them 401K plan has carved out a special niche for itself.

A 401K retirement plan is a retirement savings plan, funded by the employee and an equal contribution from the company or the employer. Basically, the contribution is made from the pre-tax salary, which grows tax-free until withdrawn. Companies, tax-exempt or other non-profit organizations establish these plans for the sake of making their employees life after retirement a bit better and at the same time independent.

401K retirement plan is actually a section of IRC or the Internal Revenue Code. This code lays down the rule under which the whole plan works and operates. Under this plan, the employee is allowed by the employer to defer part of his compensation by contributing the same to his account. Besides, this 401K retirement plan is regulated and monitored by the Employee Benefits Security Administration.

Also known as Cash Or Deferred Arrangement plan, 401K retirement plan caters towards providing a retirement income solution to a person after retirement. Imagine, what would have been the situation, if these plans were not there. Nothing just start looking for earning something to meet the basic needs in your twilight years. 

Some 401K retirement plans even include a fifty percent equal contribution from the company. Some of the employers also contribute to the employee’s funds independent of the contribution from the employee. This contribution is done under the profit sharing plan of the company and is tied upon firm’s profit. Some 410K plans also offers employee with an opportunity to direct their accounts to different investment options like stock market, company’s stock and mutual funds.

However, it is to be noted that 410K plans cannot be offered by the State Government to their employees. However, Tax-exempt, private employers are entitled to set up a 410K retirement plan for their competent and eligible employees.

There are several advantages of 410K retirement plan from the standpoint of an employee.

*    Contribution to the funds for 410K plan can be made through pre-tax money.

*    Reduction in tax amount and that too in each salary check.

*    Employees are free to decide where they want to direct their savings and contributions. In short, a total control over their investment.

*    The best part of the plan is that it is very flexible and dynamic as well. If you change company, your contribution would be moved to your new company’s plan.

*    After retirement security of funds is very high.

In a nut shell, 410 K plan is all what it takes to have a comfortable life after you retire. It not only gives you benefits after retirement but also before retirement as it saves on your tax liability as well. Without any doubt, no other retirement plan would be able to provide you with so much of benefits other than this 410K Plan.

Albert William is a retirement consultant and over the years has helped a huge number of people with retirement plans. He has also helped many people by providing them with options by which they can make good, stable retirement investment.


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