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Cheddar Got Paper Presents: MANAGING YOUR MONEY! a Working Person’s Guide to Better Finances CHAPTER 7 : Saving Money . 401k – employer sponsored retirement plan. a. job matches per dollar a percentage of your pay. FREE MONEY!! b. contribute to the maximum match amount. use the rest to invest in more liquid accounts. c. benefit 1- taxable income is lowered by contribution. d. benefit 2- low interest loan in times of hardship 2. Roth IRA – if no 401k or want more investment options (troweprice.com) a. qualified distributions are tax free (59.5 y/o age) 3. 529/ESA – education savings account (troweprice.com) a. works like an IRA b. can be used for qualified educational expenses; tuition, books, etc. follow me on twitter www.twitter.com add me on facebook www.facebook.com CGP Music Group Cheddar Got Paper Publishing
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